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Imo govt discloses plan to employ 10,000 primary school teachers

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The Imo State Government has disclosed a plan to employ 10,000 primary school teachers in the school system.

The State Commissioner for Education, Prof. Johncliff Nwadike, disclosed this to newsmen in Owerri on Tuesday.

According to the commissioner, all necessary arrangements by the government have been concluded.He assured that any moment from now, the government will begin the exercise.

He maintained that the 10,000 new teachers when engaged would help to regenerate the school system in the state.

He said, “The government template and adverts are ready and very soon it will start.”

The commissioner stated the government’s resolve to sanction any teacher who rejects posting from urban areas to rural communities in the state.

He said that henceforth any transfer of teachers in the state must pass through the table of the commissioner adding that this measure is aimed at tackling the anomalies.

While he frowned at the usual urban to urban city transfer of teachers, Nwadike insisted that frantic efforts by the government are made to stop such practice.

He disclosed the government’s plans to ensure proper distribution of teachers to schools in the State adding that already some teachers have been sanctioned through demotion for their failure to comply with these directives.

“Very soon the government will carry out a total overhauling of teachers in the state to ensure that the right things are done.”He stated.

On the security of schools in the state, the commissioner appealed to town unions and communities to appeal to their wealthy sons and daughters to assist their schools in the areas by providing security in the schools and ensuring that schools are fenced.

While assuring the government’s resolve to commence total renovation of both primary and secondary schools in the state, Nwadike appealed to PTAs to support the engagement of local security to guide the schools.

He frowned at the report of what he described as extortion and imposition of illegal levies by some school principals. He vowed to move in immediately with the view of stopping such an act.He also denied any plans by the state government to abolish mixed schools in the state as being insinuated in certain quarters in the state.


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