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Kano govt redeploys LG education officers to classrooms

Kano state Commissioner of Education, Alhaji Umar Haruna Doguwa has ordered the redeployment of Local Government education officers, qualified to teach to classrooms to augment man power challenges and also correct sentimental posting.
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Kano state Commissioner of Education, Alhaji Umar Haruna Doguwa has ordered the redeployment of Local Government education officers, qualified to teach to classrooms to augment man power challenges and also correct sentimental posting.

A statement by, Balarabe Abdullahi, Director Public Enlightenment in the Ministry, indicated that, “the ministry will redeploy teaching staff posted to the local education offices for sentiment reasons.”

The statement added that Doguwa noted that, “many local education offices across the 44 Local Government Areas of the state are filled up with staff who are supposed to be in the classrooms, but for one reason or the other, remained at LEA offices doing nothing.

“It is really disturbing to note that most of our local education offices are accommodated with competent staff who are suppose to be in the class rooms but are there at LEA wasting time, while hundred of primary schools are having only one teacher.”

The Statement stated that, ” Umar Doguwa made the statement today (Friday) evening during a meeting with 44 Local Government Education Secretaries and Zonal Education Directors of the State Universal Basic Education Board, held at Rumfa Collage.”

He emphasized that as from now, “no LEA office should have more than 30 staff. Any number above this figure will be redeployed to class rooms for proper utilization.”

Doguwa further announced that the present administration is making arrangements to mobilize adequate resources to ensure effective school monitoring in the state.

He said as part of the monitoring measures, the ministry would soon reinforce effective use of timebook as wel as movement book to be signed by all staff of primary schools and send to LEA on monthly basis for proper checking.

Speaking on the illegal posting of public schools teachers to private schools, Doguwa cautioned that government would take serious action against any officer found wanted.

” We are fully aware on how some public schools teachers are posted to private schools living our primary schools in dire need of teachers. At the same time, enjoying their salaries as government workers, that must be stopped and we can no longer tolerate it.

” We want to you to bring the list of all the schools under your offices and their staff to enable the ministry address issues on shortage of staff,” he added.

He, however, disclosed that, “with report of the strategic committee being set up to reopen all the bording schools closed down by the immediate-past administration, arrangements have been concluded to reopen eleven bording schools during the next coming school term.

“At the end of the day, we want to see that by next year, all our bording schools resume operation and will be provided with all what they need to ensure conducive learning.”

The Commissioner, then, assured of the present administration’s commitment to provide its civil servants with all the needed support to enhance their performance.

Also speaking, the Executive Secretary, Kano State Senior Secondary Schools Management Board, Dr. Kabiru Ado, hinted that proper management is the key to the success of education system.

Kabiru Ado said: “It is clear that lack of good management in our education sector brings about the issue of corruption, which has today, destroyed our education system.”

Earlier, the Acting chairperson of the Board, Hajiya Amina Umar explained that the meeting was organized to discuss issues regarding primary education and how to improve on the system.

She commended the present administration for its zeal in coming up with policies and programmes aimed at improving the education sector.

During the meeting, questions and contributions on how to improve the primary education were entertained.

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