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Kuje area council converts health centre to classrooms over shortage of facility

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The health centre at Kuje Area Council of Abuja has been converted to classrooms.

The decision, according to a report, was due to an acute shortage of classrooms for students of government secondary school Jedda.

The improvisation was made by the school management on Thursday when the facilitator of the Primary Health Care Centre, Senator Philip Aduda, inspected the project and others within Kuje and Gwagwalada Area Councils.

The school’s Principal, Mohammed Tanko, told senator Aduda and journalists that improvisation made with the primary health care facility arose from an acute shortage of classrooms for students of the school.

The action, he explained, was in line with the saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention.

“Distinguished Senator sir, the management, staff and students of Government Secondary School Jedda are extremely grateful to you for the intervention projects facilitated to the school like the block of six classrooms nearing completion and the already completed Primary Health Care Centre, which is being temporarily used as classrooms.

“The conversion of the health care centre into classrooms, for now, is temporary pending the completion of a block of six classrooms project.

“As can be practically seen by everybody here, apart from classrooms carved out from the Health Centre, temporary offices for the Principal, Vice Principal are also carved out, which have to a great extent, keeps the school going as far as academic activities are concerned pending the time, appropriate authorities provide the required infrastructure for the school.

“We are also very grateful for the provision of the borehole which has been the main source of water supply for the School and the environs,” he said.

Senator Aduda in his response, admonished the school to make the best use of projects facilitated there.

“I’m happy that the Primary Health Centre is not being vandalized but improvised for other useful purposes. My appeal to the school management is to ensure adequate care for all the projects or facilities provided,” he said.



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