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Scroll vs Skill: Why the Future Belongs to Active Creators, Not Passive Consumers

Is this really the future we want? A society driven by constant feeding and temporary dopamine surges through passive consumption? Or is there a more fulfilling thing lurking around the corner of the scroll?
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Remember that feeling? Huddled under the covers with a flashlight, utterly engrossed in a forbidden book long past bedtime. For many of us, the internet has replaced the flashlight as the source of information that keeps a vast array of knowledge and amusement at our fingertips.  However, after spending hours scrolling, this digital rabbit hole might leave us feeling oddly empty, unlike the childhood experiences.

Is this really the future we want? A society driven by constant feeding and temporary dopamine surges through passive consumption? Or is there a more fulfilling thing lurking around the corner of the scroll?

Why We Scroll: The Temptation of the Simple Button

Let’s be honest, there is no denying the convenience of being a consumer in the digital age. A few clicks will allow us to:

      • Become an armchair expert on any topic imaginable, from physics to the best smoky jollof recipe.
      • Escape reality with captivating stories, hilarious cat videos (we can’t resist!), or the latest binge-worthy series.
      • Connect with like-minded people through online communities, fostering a sense of belonging.

There’s no denying the appeal. The information is readily available, the entertainment is endless, and the social connection is a click away. However, this ease of access comes at a cost.  The constant influx of information can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling mentally saturated and with a fragmented attention span.

Beyond the Scroll:  Why Skills are the New Superpower

The future, however, belongs to the creators, the doers, the makers. Here’s why:

      • Skills are the Currency of Innovation: The ability to analyse, synthesise, and apply knowledge to create something new is the ultimate differentiator in a world where information is abundant. Companies are increasingly seeking individuals who can not only consume information but can also leverage it to solve problems, generate impactful results, and drive progress.
      • Standing Out From the Crowd: The ability to produce original content distinguishes you from the masses who are just mindlessly browsing through their feeds. Examples of this type of content include thought-provoking blog posts, appealing photographs, and effective social media strategies. Think about a gathering where everyone else is cracking the same joke that they saw online earlier. Imagine now that you enter with a fantastic story that you created on your own. That’s the power of creation. It gives you a voice, a unique perspective, and the ability to truly connect with others.
      • The Thrill of Creation: There’s an undeniable magic that comes from crafting something from scratch, from putting your ideas and skills into action and witnessing the birth of something new. It gives a sense of accomplishment, boosts self-confidence, and allows you to share your unique viewpoint with a global audience. Remember that childhood feeling of pride when you built the tallest castle tower on the beach sand? This is the grown-up version of that, the satisfaction of building something that represents your skill and creativity.
      • Building Your Digital Legacy: Anyone can leave their mark on the internet. By developing your skills and producing material, you add to the dynamic digital environment. Your work can spark conversations, inspire others, and even become part of the historical record of the internet age. What if your great-grandchildren stumbling upon a video you created years ago, it reflects your interests and viewpoints. It’s a way to connect with future generations and leave a lasting impact.

From Consumer to Creator:  Your First Steps on the Ladder

The good news is, anyone can develop skills and become a creator.  Here’s how to start this fulfilling journey and find your inner creative spark:

      • Unearthing Your Passions: What sets your soul on fire? What topics keep you up at night, buzzing with ideas? Focusing on areas you’re genuinely passionate about fuels your inner drive and makes the learning process more engaging. Think back to your childhood hobbies. Did you love writing stories? Maybe photography sparked your interest? Perhaps you were always tinkering with electronics. These passions can be the starting point for your creative journey.
      • Start Small, Dream Big: Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a master overnight. Begin with manageable learning chunks, like taking online courses, attending workshops focused on specific skills, or reading industry blogs written by established creators. Think of it like building a muscle. You wouldn’t expect to lift a car on day one, right? Start with manageable weights (learning tasks) and gradually increase the intensity as your skills develop.
      • Embrace the Power of Practice: Just like any skill, becoming proficient requires consistent effort. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day, even if it’s just 30 minutes, to hone your craft. Schedule this time in your calendar, treat it like an important appointment, and resist the urge to get sucked back into the scroll.
      • Find Your Tribe: Surround yourself with other creators and learners. Online communities, local meetups for artists, writers, or programmers, or even mentorship programs can provide valuable support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities. Learning from others and sharing your own journey can accelerate your growth and keep you motivated. Imagine a supportive network of fellow creators cheering you on and offering constructive feedback on your work.
      • Embrace the Imperfect Journey: There will be bumps along the road. Your first creative attempts might not be masterpieces, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning process. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Think of your favorite artist. Their most famous pieces were likely preceded by years of practice and countless not-so-great attempts.  Embrace the journey, learn from your mistakes, and keep creating.

The Future You Create: A World Beyond the Scroll

The internet, with all its potential for mindless consumption, is also a powerful creation tool.  Developing skills allows you to not only navigate this enormous world but also leave your mark on it. So, put down the scroll, silence the urge to endlessly refresh your feed, and grab a pen.

Your voice, your creativity, and your distinct contribution are what the future needs. It’s time to move from passive consumer to active creator and and influence the future of technology.  This isn’t just about creating content; it’s about building a future filled with innovation, connection, and the thrill of making something new.  It’s about leaving the digital rabbit hole behind and stepping into the workshop of your own creativity.  What will you create?

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