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Lagos State Government endorses SuccessTAB digital learning device for schools, students

The Lagos State Government has endorsed SuccessTAB digital learning device as the recommended learning device for use by all schools and students in Lagos State.
SuccessTab Learning Device
SuccessTab Learning Device
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Lagos State Government has endorsed SuccessTAB digital learning device as the recommended learning device for use by all schools and students in Lagos State.

Lagos endorses sucesstab learning device for schools
L-R: Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, Deputy Governor of Lagos State giving the platinum award to Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin, MD/CEO of Chronicles Software.

In a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Abayomi Abolaji, SuccessTAB rich educational content and advanced applications have added value and transformed education in Lagos State.


“Lagos State fully endorses SuccessTAB, recognising its remarkable impact on education for all students and schools across the State.

“Having extensively used SuccessTAB across Public Schools in Lagos, we have witnessed its outstanding features and benefits. SuccessTAB’s user-friendly interface, rich educational content, and advanced applications have significantly enhanced students’ learning. Its comprehensive curriculum coverage, interactive lessons, and multimedia resources engage students and foster critical thinking”, the Permanent Secretary stated.

Learning device for schools in Lagos

Chronicles Software launched SuccessTAB ( digital learning device in 2016 having undergone extensive research and various development phases which began 3 years earlier, that’s in 2013. The use of the learning device during the COVID-19 pandemic addressed the challenge of continuing education as schools had to stay shut during that time. Through a partnership with the Lagos State government, SuccessTAB was introduced in some public schools in the state.

Speaking on the endorsement, the Chief Executive Officer, Chronicles Software Mr. Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin said, “SuccessTAB’s endorsement by the Lagos state government is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the most innovative educational learning device that empowers students for excellent performance. This remarkable feat would not have been possible without the dedication of the Chronicles team, the invaluable support from our partners, schools, financial institutions, the board and most notably the Lagos state ministry of education.

“During the pandemic, a number of solutions were introduced by Chronicles Software to enhance and improve virtual learning for schools including Eko Success Cloud (an online platform for Lagos state teachers to organise their teaching resources), and SuccessBOX which provided a wide range of past questions for WAEC and JAMB examinations.

“Through the SuccessBOX App, Chronicles Software initiated the “SuccessBOX Excellence Award” programme to recognize and celebrate high-achieving students in Lagos state.”

Today, the company records great strides as one of the leading Ed-Tech companies in the country with well over 1,200 schools in its network. In recognition of its contributions to academic development in the state, the Lagos state government in July 2022, honoured Chronicles Software with its Platinum Award, making it the first and only Ed-Tech company to receive this award. This was trailed by the endorsement of SuccessTAB ( a year later precisely 20th July 2023.

“The testimonials from students and their parents encourage us to continue giving our best to promote academic excellence via our solution. As such, we remain motivated in our quest to support students, parents, schools, and governments with educational technology solutions that continuously improve learning outcomes”, the CEO added.

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