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Leadway partners ActionAid Nigeria, renovates community school in Yobe

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Leadway Group, in partnership with ActionAid Nigeria, has renovated a community primary school in Tarbutu, Bursari Local Government Area, Yobe State.

This was disclosed by the Chief Marketing Officer of Leadway Holdings, Olusakin Labeodan. He stated that the renovation was aimed at promoting quality education in the country.

Labeodan stated that the corporate social responsibility by both organisations is designed to create value in society by improving access and advancing educational opportunities for indigent children, especially, in remote and underserved communities.

“The strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) by ActionAid, aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) global quest to provide access to Quality Education and Partnership for the goals,” he said.

He added, “Through this partnership, about 1,000 school-aged children living in rural and remote communities in Yobe State, would have access to quality education in a conducive environment.

The fully renovated learning facilities, the company stressed, provides the school with six additional classrooms, ready for immediate use.

Quoting the 2022 National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) report, he said, 24.80 per cent of the preschool age population in Yobe State have access to foundational education, which is well below the national average of 43 per cent .

He added, “The state’s literacy index is at the bottom of the national list with only 7.68 per cent of literate citizens. We understand that these recent insights reflect the impact of insecurity in the region, and sadly the education, the bedrock of human development, has been affected the most.”

“We at Leadway and other like-minded organisations, such as ActionAid, have elected to intervene to bridge the learning gap in affected states. We have been working to provide a conducive learning environment by helping to restore dilapidated infrastructure.

“We are optimistic that our progressive actions to improve the learning environment one community at a time, brings us closer to amplifying opportunities for our young ones to grow and thrive beyond limitations,” Labeodan stated.

Also speaking, Director of Programmes, ActionAid Nigeria, Suwaiba Dankabo, said, “ActionAid believes that the renovation and provision of furniture will promote access to quality and inclusive public education for children in Tanbutu community and provide them with a safe and conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning.”

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