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Meet first 4 female students of University of Ibadan

These accomplished individuals have shattered stereotypes, dispelling the notion that the female child is not valuable and that women are confined solely to the kitchen.
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Meet the distinguished alumnae of the University of Ibadan, formerly University College Ibadan. These remarkable individuals have made significant contributions to the stature and education of Nigeria, serving as true inspirations and idols. They embody excellence and are revered as genuine trailblazers.

Featured image was in 1953 on their graduation day.

From the left-side to the right

1. Florence Gabrielle Abio̩la Adeniran (91 years)

Gabrielle Abio̩la Adeniran LRCP (Lond.), MRCS (Eng), MPH(Mich). She is a Nigerian surgeon and medical practitioner. She was born in October 1930. She is the first woman to gain a medical degree in Nigeria, university of Ibadan. She is the first female director of Nigerian health management board in 1986. She is married to barrister and author Adedapo̩ Adeniran and they have 2 children. She retired from medical service in 1990.

2. Oluso̩lape Folas̩ade Ifaturoti (91 years)

She is a noble woman with wonderful virtue and a companionate mother. She attended Queens College, Lagos. She was offered admission to University College Ibadan (UCI) at age 19.

3. Grace Awe̩ni Alele-Williams (89 years)

She was born in 1932 . She was a professor of mathematics education. She was the first female vice-chancellor in Nigeria at University of Benin. She attended University College Ibadan. Obtained a doctorate degree in University of Chicago in 1963. She is the first woman to be awarded a doctorate degree in Nigeria. She returned to Nigeria for postdoctoral work at University of Ibadan before joining university of Lagos in 1965.

4. Adetowun O̩mo̩lara Oguns̩e̩ye̩ (95 years)

She was born in December 1926 in Benin city, Edo state. She is the first female professor in Nigeria and first professor of Library and Information Service. She is the first Nigerian woman to get a degree from Cambridge university. She is an activist for social right of women. She was granted scholarship to study geography at Newnham college of the university of Cambridge in 1973.

These accomplished individuals have shattered stereotypes, dispelling the notion that the female child is not valuable and that women are confined solely to the kitchen. Their achievements have not only made them proud but have also brought honor to Nigeria.

Source: Yoruba Cultural Heritage Centre

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