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Nigenius: Building edtech solutions to create geniuses

Through matching learners to home tutors, Nigenius is empowering students, teachers and parents with new ways of learning and collaborating. 
Source: Nigenius
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Nigeria’s education system faces numerous challenges, including inadequate infrastructure and insufficient teacher training. However, the rise of education technology solutions is transforming the educational landscape in Nigeria, offering innovative solutions to some of these longstanding problems. One platform offering impressive edtech solutions is Nigenius.

Edtech solutions are transforming teaching and learning by providing new tools and resources that enhance access to quality education for millions of Nigerian students. Through matching learners to home tutors, Nigenius is empowering students, teachers and parents with new ways of learning and collaborating. 

Nigenius: A brief introduction

Nigenius is an edtech website that provides a range of solutions to help students and educators enhance learning. The website is well-designed, easy to navigate, and offers a wealth of resources for anyone looking to improve their educational outcomes.


One of the standout features of Nigenius is that it can be used to generate well researched, vetted lesson plans and teaching resources. It is a comprehensive e-learning platform and provides access to a vast array of subjects across K-12 (kindergarten through grade12/SS3). 

The courses are designed to be interactive, engaging, and tailored to the needs of learners of different ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to brush up on your maths skills, perfect your spoken English, or get your hands dirty with science, there is a course available for you on Nigenius.

Another standout feature of Nigenius is its focus on community building. The website provides a forum where students and educators can interact and collaborate. For example, a Group Online lesson session can be booked with top teachers across Nigeria and Africa right from the platform. This is an excellent way for learners to connect with peers and mentors, build their networks, and stay motivated in their educational pursuits.

Nigenius: Website review

Home page

The Nigenius home page is well-designed and easy to navigate. It provides a clear overview of the website’s offerings, including access to the online lessons and the e-learning platform through which tutors can sign up or log in to get matched with learners for home tutorial. 

Nigenius Home page
Nigenius Solutions

The page also features testimonials from satisfied users, which adds to the website’s credibility. The home page is an excellent introduction to the website and sets the tone for the rest of the user experience.

About Us page

Nigenius About page
Nigenius About page

The about page provides more detailed information about Nigenius, including the company’s mission and vision statements. The page also includes the all the subject directory, including how to hire a home tutor or book an online class.

Subject directory
Nigenius Subject Directory

The page also includes profiles of the team behind the website, which adds a personal touch and helps users feel more connected to the platform.

Online Lessons page

Nigenius Online Lesson page
Nigenius Online Lesson page

The Online Lessons page is a key feature of Nigenius and provides access to a vast array of e-learning courses across various subjects and levels. The page is well-organised, with courses grouped by subject and level, making it easy for users to find the courses that they need.

GOL page
Group Online Lesson

Learners can also select their most preferred tutors. Each course includes a detailed description, as well as information about the instructor and course duration.

Home Tutors page

The Home Tutors page houses information about Nigenius’ home tutoring services. The page contains the Nigenius Home Tutor Request form which interested parents are required to fill in order to match suitably qualified tutors to their kids based on their requirements. 

Home Tutor Request Form
Home Tutor Request Form

The form is straight to point and should take less than 5 minutes to complete, with information presented in a clear and concise manner. It is a useful resource for anyone looking to improve their learning outcomes through one-on-one tutoring.

Tutor Signup and Login pages

The Tutor Signup page is where potential tutors can apply to become Nigenius tutors. The application process is straightforward and easy to follow.

The Tutor Login page is where current Nigenius tutors can access their accounts and manage their schedules and tutoring sessions. The page is easy to navigate, with clear instructions for logging in and accessing account information.

Teacher Support page

The Teacher Support page is intended to provide resources for educators, including lesson plans, teaching tips, and classroom management strategies. However, the page is yet to be updated with contents.


Overall, Nigenius is an edtech platform worthy of recommendation to educators and parents, looking to enhance their students’ and wards’ learning experience. The website provides a comprehensive range of solutions, from e-learning courses to matching home tutors with learners, all designed on an easy-to-navigate platform to help learners aged 4 to 18 achieve their educational goals. Whether you are a student, educator or lifelong learner, Nigenius is an excellent resource that you should definitely check out.


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