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Nigeria’s growing insecurity and impact on students Lagos State University

Security risks have led several schools to close down temporarily or permanently, forcing students to stay at home and miss out on their education.
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Nigeria has been plagued by insecurity for many years, which has escalated in recent times. Insecurity in Nigeria refers to various forms of violent crimes, including banditry, kidnapping, terrorism, herdsmen attacks, and armed robbery. The increasing insecurity in Nigeria has had a significant impact on students in Nigeria’s institutions.

Security risks have led several schools to close down temporarily or permanently, forcing students to stay at home and miss out on their education. The dread of assaults and kidnappings has also had an impact on student attendance, as many parents choose to keep their kids at home.

One consequence of student insecurity is that it has a negative impact on their academic performance. Many students avoid going to school out of concern about violence or kidnapping. The country’s instability frequently diverts those who do manage to attend school, which impairs their focus and academic performance. The academic schedule has occasionally been disrupted by prolonged school closures.

The negative repercussions of student insecurity on their mental health are another result. Students who live in continual fear of violence or kidnapping experience stress, anxiety, and melancholy. The loss of family members or friends due to the violence has been difficult for some students to handle.

Insecurity in Nigeria has had a significant impact on students in Nigeria’s institutions. The government needs to address the security challenges in the country to ensure that students can learn in a safe and conducive environment. The government must also ensure that schools have the necessary resources to provide quality education, even in the face of insecurity.

The students at Lagos State University (LASU) have been significantly impacted by the current situation. Students may experience trauma, stress, and anxiety due to their fear of violence and assaults. Students’ academic performance may also be impacted since they find it difficult to focus on their academics owing to security worries.

The regular occurrence of crimes like theft, sexual assault, and involvement in cults on campus also makes it hostile and hazardous for the students. This may result in fewer applicants for admission to the university and a deterioration of the university’s reputation.

The degree of insecurity at LASU is a significant issue that has an impact on the institution’s reputation as well as the general quality of education and the safety and well-being of the students. It is crucial that the university administration take aggressive steps to enhance campus security and guarantee the safety of every student.

On campus, there was a riot in October 2020 that left numerous students hurt as well as property destroyed. A 22-year-old LASU student was reportedly shot and killed in May 2021 while another student was wounded and hurt by suspected cultists. In addition to these occurrences, theft, sexual assault, and other security issues have been reported on and near the LASU campus.

The university has taken action to address these problems, including stepping up security and collaborating with law enforcement for support. To safeguard the security of LASU’s faculty, staff, and students, further long-term measures are still required.

Olowa Kehinde, 24, a 300-level accounting student at Lagos State University, LASU, was kidnapped along the Warri-Benin Highway while she was returning to Lagos, according to a report in Punch Newspapers on April 19, 2021. The kidnappers demanded a 10,000,000 ransom. For additional details

A student from Lagos State University was kidnapped, according to Daily Posts, and she was taken to Akwa Ibom State. This demonstrates the vulnerability and general lack of confidence that students experience.

A LASU student was attacked during the demonstration during the Endsars period. On their Instagram feed, Lasu Life, the campus’s most popular platform, shared it.

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