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Olori Olu of Warri donates love garden, eduplayground facilities to school

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The wife of the Olu of Warri, Olori Atuwatse III has donated a “love garden” and “eduplayground” facilities to Ikengbuwa Primary School in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta.

Addressing teachers and pupils of the primary school as well as parents who were present at

The facilities were inaugurated on Tuesday May 23, 2023.Speaking during the inauguration, the Olori said that the gesture was aimed at encouraging students to come to school and learn.She added that the facilities will contribute to the quality of learning and innovation in the school.

According to her, the donation is in line with the palace vision to uplift educational standards across Iwere kingdom.She noted that quality education remains the foundation to the growth and development of any society and so is a critical sector to focus on.

Olori added that the project would not only afford the children the opportunity to learn but to plant and harvest crops.She said that the project would also exposed the pupils to other entrepreneurial skills to help prepared them for future challenges.

“Education is very dear to my heart. It is the foundation to the growth of any society. Our dream is that given you this love garden, children are not only learning how to plant and harvest crops, they are also learning entrepreneurial skills.

“Our teachers should teach the pupils the importance of business at this very young age. They should learn commerce, agriculture and social skills which are important for growth and development,” she said.

Olori expressed hope that the playground would motivate children to not only come to school but to learn better. She urged the teachers to teach the children using the new resources as much as possible.

Speaking with newsmen on her recent visit to Finland, Olori said that they learnt about the Finnish educational system.

“We understand that they integrate play and practicality in their education system. A model I have always supported.

“We are in a good position to use the influence of the palace to support the government. We are trying to make quality education accessible to all. Quality education is not solely the right of the privileged few but a right to everyone in society.

“To see, if it is possible to partner with the government on how to provide quality education to our children across board, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Warri South, Warri North and Warri South-West Local Government Areas,” she said.

Olori assured that the projects would be replicated in the three local government areas that made up the Warri Federal Constituency.

Earlier, in her address of welcome, Mrs Mene Patience, the Head Teacher of Ikengbuwa Primary School thanked the Olori for the initiative.

“We are honoured to be your partner in this noble project.

FB IMG 1684992677216
Olori Atuwatse III at an event

“No doubt that this project will raise the awareness of the learners and by extension teachers and parents on the importance of production and consumption of vegetables.

“Therefore, there is learning opportunity for everyone in this project,” she said.

Patience, also assured that the facilities would be judiciously used and maintained.

Also, Mrs Omamuyi Omatseye, the supervisor of the Love Garden and Playground said that the initiative would afford the pupils a sense of belonging and ownership.

“It will help the children to learn how to plant and nurture and by implication help their minds to relax. It will also give them a sense of ownership for what they consume as well as encourage healthy eating. They can plant, grow their seeds and go home with it, so, it will give them a sense of belonging,” Omatseye said.

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