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Oyedepo prepares graduating class for life after school

He noted that living a calculated life, defining the constants, and noting the diverse variables is the calculus of life: processes and procedures towards impactful living.
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The Vice Chancellor of Covenant University, David Oyedepo, has urged the graduating class of 2023 to make the most of the Towards a Total Graduate programme (TTG) to be the best version of themselves and maintain relevance in the world of work.

In the lead presentation at the opening session of the flagship leadership and ‘after school programme’ of the University, David Oyedepo said what many get out of school is common knowledge without having a bearing on living; as such, the TTG programme was designed to equip graduating students of Covenant with diverse relevant information to make the most of their adventure in life.

Oyedepo said TTG is the crowning programme of the evolving learning culture at Covenant University for the graduating class. “Covenant University intentionally prepares its would-be graduates for the world of work and life after university. TTG is hinged on our concept of Life-matics, as espoused in the founding philosophy of Covenant University. It is all about learning the mathematics of living and the process of solving the complex equations of life,” he posited.

He noted that living a calculated life, defining the constants, and noting the diverse variables is the calculus of life: processes and procedures towards impactful living. According to him, the graduating students must learn to solve problems, make the most of life, be relevant and have an impact on the world around them, develop the capacity to be an asset and not a liability, be a value-adding citizen on the earth and live, and continually learn to lead.

The Chancellor reiterated the nature of TTG as a customized life-coaching compulsory programme specially designed to expose graduating students to pathways to a life of meaning, fulfilment, and out-of-this-world order of accomplishments. As a result, it will be focusing on key areas such as vision analysis, planning, programming, and pursuit, Christian work ethics, the principle of integrity, and financial empowerment processes, amongst others.

Oyedepo noted that the TTG programme has laid down a solid foundation over the years, with abounding testimonies of graduates of Covenant University distinguishing themselves amongst their peers in all their endeavours after school, as they are the most employable graduates in Nigeria.

He concluded by stating that the platform of TTG has been a unique approach to ensuring that graduates of Covenant University turned out to be persons as it relates to character, skill, and impact in their various pursuits.

The two-week intensive programme is tailored towards offering innovative programmes that will equip the graduands to inspire positive change and responsive leadership in their different work contexts.

Over the years, graduating students have been subjected to capacity building, training, workshops, and empowerment sessions to equip them with the requisite knowledge to initiate and galvanize a development agenda in the world of work.

The course, which is integrated into the university’s holistic and life-applicable curriculum, is designed to specially package every student and deliver them to the world upon graduation as an agent of change, set to take charge of his environment and break the barriers of limitation confronting our nation and continent at large.

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