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All you need to know about Nigeria’s Professional Qualifying Examination for Teachers

World Teachers Day 2023
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The professional qualifying exam recently organised by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) had an attendance of 11,000 participants across the country. The exam which occurs at least twice a year is considered a prerequisite to getting licensed as an educator qualified to work in Nigeria and abroad. 

This article answers all of the questions you might have about PQE.

Nigeria Professional Qualifying Examination for Teachers
Teachers writing the PQE at a designated centre

What is PQE?

The Professional Qualifying Examination is a certification exam undertaken by teachers to obtain a license and registration certificate that qualifies them to legally operate as qualified teachers in Nigeria. The examination, which is aimed at determining the level of competencies of the individual, is organised by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria in line with section 4(6) of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Act

Why is this examination necessary?

The examination helps ensure that teachers who hold professional registration and licensing under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are truly tested and meet both national and global competitive standards of the profession. Teachers with TRCN certificates and licence gain easy admission into the teaching profession of any country anywhere in the world. 

Who is qualified to sit for this exam?

Individuals with qualifications in education such as Nigeria Certificate In Education (NCE), Bachelors of Education(B.Ed), Master of Education (M.Ed.), Professional Diploma In Education (PDE), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or Ph.D. in Education. 

How many times does the exam take place?

The qualifying exam is a one-hour computer-based test that takes place at least twice a year. The first diet happens in May while the second takes place between October and November. The examination holds simultaneously in all state capitals throughout Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory, and any other special centres designated by the Council. Examination venue and date will be communicated to candidates.

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Is the examination free?

No. Applicants are required to pay examination fees based on the qualification category identified by TRCN. These are:

  • Category ‘A’ (Ph.D holders in Education or with education qualification – such as NCE, PGDE, PDE, etc) – N5,000
  • Category ‘B’ (Masters in Education or masters in other fields with education qualification) – N4,000
  • Category ‘C’ (Degree in Education or degree in other fields with education qualification) – N3,500
  • Category ‘D’ (NCE) – N3,000

Does the examination fee cover cost of registering as a member of the council?

That the exam fee does not cover the cost of registration. Candidates who passed the examination will still pay the registration fee for eventual registration as professional teachers.

Do all candidates write the same examination?

No. Examinations are set based on the category selected during the application process and the minimum standards used during their teacher education. Individuals are advised to study the PQE benchmarks on TRCN webpage for more details.

What does the examination entail?

PQE covers relevant areas under General Education and more importantly Information and Communication Technology, English Language, Use of Library, Guidance and Counselling, Mathematics Educational Statistics, and Research Methods, among others. The examination will have the format of questions and multiple-choice answers.

What is the required pass mark?

The pass mark for the PQE is 50 per cent. Candidates who score this 50 per cent or above will be automatically registered and their certificate released to them.

Are there past questions on PQE?

TRCN does not produce any past questions, however, there are Professional Qualifying Examination guidelines. 

How do I apply for the examination?

Teachers seeking to enroll for the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), are to complete the registration forms obtainable from State offices nationwide or by generating an RRR (TSA) remita on the online platform.  The registration form is always available and may be purchased at any time. After paying online or at the bank, candidates will need to submit the form along with photocopies of their credentials along with two (2) passports, birth certificates, and bank teller before they will be issued a receipt.

How do I engage for further inquiries?

Interested persons can contact TRCN through a special PQE email ( or visit the state office for further inquiries.

After the examination, how do I access my results?

Candidates can log on to the Check PQE Results page using their examination number.

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