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Report: Inside Lagos State University students exam survival tactics

Lagos State University (LASU), renowned for its academic rigour, is a melting pot of diligent scholars striving to excel despite the challenges posed by examinations.
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Lagos State University (LASU), renowned for its academic rigour, is a melting pot of diligent scholars striving to excel despite the challenges posed by examinations. In an exclusive interview with Habeebah Ashiru and other committed LASU students by Edugist reporter Abdulhaqq Obisesan Oladimeji, they shed light on the various strategies employed by students to navigate the daunting realm of exams.

For Habeebah and her peers, exams loom as inevitable spectres, marking the culmination of a semester characterised by relentless academic pursuits. “As a LASUite, exams are an integral but dreaded aspect of university life,” confesses Habeebah.

The frenetic pace of the semester often leaves students feeling caught off guard as exams draw near, a sentiment echoed by many within the LASU community. They shared how the period marks the beginning of fear for others.

In their quest to conquer academic hurdles, LASU students employ a diverse array of coping mechanisms tailored to their individual preferences and circumstances. Habeebah shares her personal approach, which involves striking a delicate balance between diligence and self-care.

“We are always in high spirits during our exam, and this is because the moment you admit it, you have sophomore students guiding you and preparing your minds for the challenges ahead.”.

One prevalent tactic among LASU students is the tradition of nocturnal study sessions, where students read in groups, attend tutorials, and engage in night reading.

However, I prefer the solitude of my hostel room, where the comforts of familiarity foster optimal concentration. “The brain works most efficiently when it is at ease,” Habeebah remarks sagely”, underscoring the importance of creating a conducive study environment.

Central to Habeebah’s exam strategy is effective time management—a skill honed through trial and error over her academic journey. By prioritising study sessions over social media indulgence and carefully scheduling household chores, she maximises the precious hours leading up to exams. “Every minute counts,” she asserts, a mantra embraced by LASU students grappling with the relentless march of time.

Yet, amidst the rigours of academia, Habeebah recognises the need for an occasional reprieve. Following a particularly challenging exam, she indulges in a well-deserved treat, allowing herself to momentarily escape the weight of anticipation. “It’s important to reward oneself for hard work,” she muses, embodying the resilience and self-compassion emblematic of the LASU spirit.

In conclusion, Obviously, I can see that the journey through exams at Lagos State University is characterised by perseverance, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Through diligent study habits, conscientious time management, and moments of self-care, students like Habeebah Ashiru navigate the tumultuous seas of academia with grace and resilience, emerging stronger and more prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

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