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REPORT: Nigerian students sit second term examination amidst serene environment, Ramadan fasting, Easter Celebration

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Second-term exams are exams in which students improve their academic performance ahead of that of the first term while they prepare for the second term. Public and private schools across Lagos, Nigeria, and some states in the southwest region are currently sitting the second-term examinations. Students, teachers, especially those fasting, are also enjoying the exam while observing lent and Ramadan. While some schools will be rounding off their exams, others will take a break and come back to the exams after the Easter celebration.

IMG 20240321 WA0013
Rightpath Montessori School pupils doing second-term examination

A school teacher at Livingstone College,John Nsan, told Edugist that the schoolchildren will observe their break and come back to complete their exams after the celebration. According to the teacher, students are going to keep in mind that they have exams to complete, and others planning to sit Jamb, WAEC, or other exams must be on the alert. .

“It’s commendable to see students and teachers dedicated to improving academic performance during the second-term exams, even while observing Lent and Ramadan. Balancing academic commitments with religious observances requires strong determination and focus. Wishing everyone involved strength and success during this busy period”- he added.

The atmosphere was oppressively quiet, devoid of the usual chatter of students. Only scattered staff members could be seen, diligently attending to their tasks. Along the corridors, housekeepers meticulously mopped the floors, their movements the only disturbance to the silence. Sparse greetings broke the tranquilly as individuals passed each other, focused on their respective duties. Inside classrooms, students were fully engrossed in their examinations, the absence of casual greetings indicative of the gravity of the assessments. Seating arrangements reflected the formality of the occasion, deliberately preventing interaction among students. Throughout the premises, the only audible sounds emanated from the hum of office appliances. Such was the scene unfolding at a school in Lagos.

Amidst the examination period, palpable tension permeates the air as students across the nation undertake their second-term examinations. Adding to the intensity is the concurrent spiritual observance among adherents of both the Christian and Muslim faiths. Despite these spiritual undertakings, optimism prevails as expectations soar for the students to excel in their academic pursuits. In a chat with Ivo Timothy, Principal of Bright Minds College, he expressed that the school during this period has put in place an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and one that is exam focused.

“The conducive atmosphere provided for our students has been instrumental in fostering focused examination sessions,” remarked Ivo Timothy, Principal of Bright Minds College, in an interview with Edugist. He further stated, “Commencing on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the Second Term examinations are scheduled to continue through Wednesday, March 27, 2024.”

IMG 20240325 WA0005
Students at Bright Minds College, Ikorodu in the examination hall

“I have conveyed a message to all students, urging them to maintain focus and perseverance during the examination period,” stated Ivo Timothy, Principal of Bright Minds College. He underscored the significance of diligence and preparation, reassuring students that their dedication would be duly recognised. “Observing the students at Bright Minds College, one can witness their committed approach to the examinations, undeterred by any distractions.”

Timothy remarked. “Their earnestness and devotion mirror the esteemed standards and commitment to academic excellence for which our college is renowned.”

In his motivational address to students at The Brains Premier College, Teacher Chinedu highlighted the prevailing atmosphere as one characterised by seriousness and autonomy, with exceptions made for practical papers that foster teamwork and collaboration.

“As you embark on your examinations, it’s crucial to recognise that success is not solely determined by the outcome but also by the effort, dedication, and resilience you exhibit in your studies,” he emphasised. “You have demonstrated commendable diligence throughout the term.”

IMG 20240321 WA0012
Brains Premier College students in examination hall

The examination ambiance at Rightpath Montessori School, Ondo State, was notably serene and conducive.

“The students exhibit heightened concentration levels during examination periods,” remarked Kayode Grace, the Proprietress of Rightpath Montessori School, in an interview with Edugist.

IMG 20240321 WA0013 1
Right Path Montessori School pupils doing examination

Examinations serve as integral components of our academic pursuits, encompassing various subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.

They are meticulously crafted to evaluate comprehension and mastery of these subjects. However, beyond their role in academic assessment, examinations play a profound role in shaping students’ readiness for real-world scenarios.

While striving to excel in school examinations, individuals cultivate a sense of discipline and diligence, recognising the gravity of the task at hand.

This diligence underscores the fundamental purpose of examinations: to equip us with the requisite skills and resilience to confront life’s challenges.

Through rigorous preparation and focused study, we fortify our mental acuity and fortitude, empowering us to navigate adversities with confidence and poise. Thus, examinations transcend mere academic evaluation, serving as crucibles that forge our character and prepare us to surmount the trials that await us in the journey of life.

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Mrs Kayode Grace M
Mrs Kayode Grace M
24 days ago

Great job!
I’m so excited to seeing Rightpath Montessori School at Sunshine Gardens Estate Oba-ile Akure Ondo State among the few chosen schools.Thank you very much Sir.

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