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Techpreneur to empower African students with tech-driven programme

Yomi’s upcoming programme, Project 1000, aims to elevate 1,000 micro-businesses to achieve a monthly income of 1 million naira within a span of 24 months.
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Omiyale Yomi Martins, a renowned Techpreneur and the driving force behind Hagital Consulting Limited, an esteemed tech training institute in Lagos State, has recently unveiled an ambitious plan to empower 1000 students across Africa through his groundbreaking tech-driven programme called “Project 1000.”

In a recent interview, Yomi expressed his astonishment upon discovering that most tech training institutes were more focused on certificates and fees rather than nurturing true tech talent. It was this realisation that led him to establish Hagital Consulting Limited with the aim of rectifying this very issue. Yomi’s passion for education and technology was evident as he spoke about his vision.

Over the past four years, Yomi’s brainchild, Hagital Consulting Limited, has played a pivotal role in helping over 10,000 Africans hailing from 15 different countries to master high-demand tech skills. From the intricacies of Data Science to the complexities of Cloud Computing and even the art of Digital Marketing, Yomi and his dedicated team were not simply imparting knowledge but also crafting the future tech leaders of tomorrow.

Yomi’s journey, however, was far from an overnight success story. He reminisced about his early days in the tech industry, highlighting his experiences in tax accounting with a prestigious Big 4 firm. Additionally, he served as a senior tax advisor in Nigeria’s largest indigenous oil production and exploration company. Reflecting upon his own path, Yomi acknowledged that being a trainer meant merely showing the way. The true test came when students had to navigate the path themselves, and not everyone possessed the dedication and willingness to put in the required effort.

While recognising the abundant opportunities in the tech industry, Yomi emphasised that individuals who paid for tutorials were the ones most passionate about learning. According to him, when people invest their money, they also invest their attention and commitment to the process.

Yomi’s upcoming programme, Project 1000, aims to elevate 1,000 micro-businesses to achieve a monthly income of 1 million naira within a span of 24 months. The pride and joy Yomi felt as he witnessed thousands of his students earning a living through the tech skills they acquired at Hagital Consulting Limited were indescribable.

As the recipient of the esteemed title of “Most Outstanding Philanthropist of 2021” awarded by SAICENTER, Yomi graciously shared some advice with aspiring tech professionals. He emphasised that there were no shortcuts to genuine, enduring success. He cautioned against pursuing rapid success, as it could easily be lost just as quickly. Instead, Yomi encouraged individuals to build their careers steadily, brick by brick, ensuring a solid foundation for lasting achievements.

With unwavering conviction, Yomi stated, “The day you stop learning is the day you start dying.” This mantra serves as a constant reminder for him to keep pushing boundaries and transforming the tech industry one student at a time.

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