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The Phenomenon 1.0 graduates 260 black belt teachers

The graduation of 260 teachers as 1 Million Teachers Blackbelts was the heartbeat of Phenomenon 1.0. Their dedication was celebrated alongside the participation of esteemed organisations like BIC Company, Nigerian Breweries, TedPrime Hub, and Know the Block Mavens.
A Proud Blackbelt Graduate
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1 Million Teachers in partnership with Phenomenon-Edu Impact has graduated 260 black belt teachers with expertise required to meet the demands of educating functional and productive members of the knowledge economy at the maiden edition of The Phenomenon.

The graduation of the black belts was the crown jewel of event The Phenomenon 1.0 organised by Phenomenon-Edu Impact alongside 1 Million Teachers, Saturday July 29 at the National Universities Commission’s auditorium, Maitama, Abuja, themed ‘Raising Successful Teachers in the 21st Century’. The overarching objective was to empower educators and enrich the landscape of education in the modern era.

AUG 0130 scaled
Abuja Blackbelt Teacher full of joy

In East Asian martial arts, the black belt is associated with expertise, but may indicate only competence, depending on the martial art. The use of colored belts is a relatively recent invention dating from the 1880s. In some Japanese schools, after obtaining a black belt the student also begins to instruct.

The 1 Million Teachers Blackbelt are dedicated individuals who have showcased an unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of education. Their rigorous journey through the black belt course wasn’t without challenges, yet the invaluable experiences garnered were undoubtedly transformative.

Championing this remarkable occasion, Olasunkanmi Opeifa, the convener, illuminated the conference’s central objective – the cultivation of thriving educators capable of inspiring others. The concept of a successful teacher was eloquently articulated as evolving through the expressive, explosive, and experienced stages.

Hakeem Subair, chief executive officer, 1 Million Teachers delivered the keynote address, and fervently addressed the pressing need to bridge the gap in teacher shortages. He underscored the gravity of global education challenges, emphasising the staggering figures of over 20 million out-of-school children in Nigeria and 200 million worldwide. Subair accentuated the vital role of platforms like 1 Million Teachers in equipping educators with the skills essential to address these critical demands.

IMG 20230807 WA0018
CEO Phenomenon Impact Edu, Olasunkanmi Opeifa & Hakeem Subair, CEO 1 million teachers on stage during The Phenomenon 1.0

The graduation of 260 teachers as 1 Million Teachers Blackbelts was the heartbeat of Phenomenon 1.0. Their dedication was celebrated alongside the participation of esteemed organisations like BIC Company, Nigerian Breweries, TedPrime Hub, and Know the Block Mavens. These organisations, represented on discussion panels, spotlighted their contributions to fostering quality education.

FB IMG 1691409809649
A view of the hall during the event.

“We learnt a lot from the event. It was a great opportunity to network,” said Chinaza Arinze, a black belt graduate.

“The black belt course was not easy, but the experience was worth it. I’ve learnt that it is best to pay attention to details and now I am a better teacher,” said Victor Alade.

The event garnered widespread media attention, with live broadcasts on YouTube extending its reach beyond the conference venue. The impact of Phenomenon 1.0 was palpable, resonating with participants like Yemisi Adekeye,a teacher with the FCT Secondary Education Board, who said it was a successful event and an eye-opener too. “I am glad to be a part of The Phenomenon 1.0. Thank you to the convener, all the brains behind the success of the conference. To my fellow black belts, we have a clarion call to be the best at what we do, bring others onboard and together we stand to make a change.”

Another participant, Patience Matejuojo from Redeemer’s Private Secondary School said, “sincerely it is a privilege, and it is not common. The whole process that ended up in this conference overwhelmed my imagination.”

FB IMG 1691409991651 1
A cross-section of speakers.

Phenomenon 1.0 stood as a testament to the collective dedication of educators who now carry the prestigious title of 1 Million Teachers Blackbelts. Their graduation symbolises the elevation of educational standards and a shared commitment to shaping a brighter future through teaching excellence.

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