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Unilorin students elect Adesunkanmi as 36th students’ union president

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The students of the University of Ilorin (Unilorin) has elected Ologundudu Joseph Adesunkanmi, a 400-level student from the faculty of agriculture, as the 36th substantive president-elect of the students’ union.

Adesunkanmi,popularly known as Royal Prince, secured victory in a competitive race that featured three other candidates vying for the coveted position.

Adesunkanmi clinched his triumph by amassing a total of 3,013 votes, establishing a clear lead over his nearest contender, Hauwa Usman from the faculty of law, who garnered 2,527 votes.

Following the announcement of the election results, Adesunkanmi expressed his profound appreciation to the electorate through a statement sighted by The Punch.

He conveyed, “With great humility, I accept the position of the 36th Students’ union president-elect at the University of Ilorin.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all UNILORITES who have chosen to champion excellence.”

Adesunkanmi has already been serving as the general secretary of the university’s students’ union. He had previously pledged his commitment to advancing the students’ well-being.

In his pre-election message of intent, he emphasised his determination to build upon the accomplishments of previous union administrations and assured students of his dedication to their cause.

The recently elected Students’ Central Executive Council (CEC) members include Adegoke Rodiyah (Ronnyx), the vice president-elect for the permanent site; Yusuf Bushrah, the vice president-elect for the COHS; ZuluQuranaini Shukurat (SAIN), the general secretary-elect; Atolagbe Oluwatobi Joseph, the public relations officerelect; Agezeh Victor, the Financial Secretary elect; and Balogun Abdullahi, the social Slsecretary-elect, among others.

Moreover, the student body’s legislative arm also saw the election of representatives from various faculties across the university in the recently concluded electoral process.

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