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5 Tips to Reduce Exam Stress in Students!

5 Tips to Reduce Exam Stress in Students

For some students, exams are as simple as a breeze. These students would have revised the syllabus and ace their CBSE curriculum exams with much ease. However, the same cannot be said for many students. Sweaty palms, palpitations are frequent, and simply sitting down and revising sounds like a nightmare!


For all the school going students, exam stress affects them in different ways. It is crucial to manage the exam stress in students and help them eliminate the risk of burning out.


Before we get into various tips that can help students to reduce their exam stress, let’s find out what exam stress come as-

  1. Confusion
  2. Having lost contact with friends
  3. Feeling bad and moody
  4. Having difficulty with decision making
  5. Feeling intimidated
  6. Absence of encouragement to do something
  7. Sleeping issues or getting out of bed earlier than usual
  8. Muscles or headaches that are stressed
  9. Getting a stomach problem or feeling nauseous
  10. Fiddling, biting nails, grinding teeth


So, how can exam stress be reduced? Here are 5 important tips that will help you.


  1. Taking regular breaks and schedule relaxing, fun things to look forward to
    No matter how intense the exam you’re studying for might be, your timetable will certainly allow time for breaks. You can schedule 20-minute breaks during your revision times. In this time, you plan fun activities to look forward to. You can take a stroll outside, watch an episode of your favorite series, or maybe a movie! It can include anything you like that takes your mind off the exams. Spending some time away from your books will refresh and rejuvenate your strength to revise the next time.
  2. Exercising is a must!
    Sitting down for hours and revising for long durations can exhaust and frustrate you. Use your breaks as an advantage to go out for a walk or exercise, or go for a swim. Not only will it keep you healthy, but exercise is also known to boost your mood and help you retain your focus better while studying.
  3. You don’t have to (always) listen to others.
    There is an age-old saying- “comparison is the thief of your very joy”. It is common that students often sit together with their friends and revise the syllabus together. However, it is dangerous to compare your revision with your fellow student’s revisions. It’s very likely that you’re doing just fine. By listening to their talks, you’ll get stressed and start doubting your preparations. Hence, increasing your stress levels. Another point to remember is that it is very likely that they are also stressed and trying to rub it off you. The last thing you need is other people’s stress!
  4. Talk to someone about your stress.
    If you feel that you’re stressing too much and it reaches a point where it gets overwhelming, it is affecting your daily life, you should consider speaking to someone. Nowadays in the best International Schools, they offer psychology and counseling services for their students. You should reach out to them and speak to the experts about your stress. They will surely provide you with suggestions on how you can manage your stress and pressure. If you feel that reaching out to a counselor is a big step, then you can speak to a close friend, family member about your exam stress. You’ll be surprised to know that you’re not alone!
  5. Believing in yourself.
    This is by far the most important way to reduce exam stress in students. While we’re battling assignments, exams, and the stress of the exams, we often forget about our accomplishments to date. Given the fact that you have prepared well for your exams, there is absolutely no reason to be stressed about the upcoming exams. Thus, whenever you feel stressed or have a negative thought, remember all the achievements you have made so far. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. It will make a mountain of difference. “Whatever might be the result, I am proud of my efforts and achievements so far”, or “I am proud of myself”. Words like this will boost your confidence and effectively reduce your stress.


All the best for your exams. It will be a breeze once you start incorporating these tips into your routine. Also, remember to always believe in yourself.




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