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NASS ‘ll resist budget without adequate provision for education – Sen Umeh

According to him, the 10th national assembly would make government to understand that education is key to the development of any nation.
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The Senator representing Anambra Central, Chief Victor Umeh has lamented the poor funding of education in the country, stressing that the National Assembly would resist any budget from the executive arm of government which does not make adequate provision for education.

Umeh spoke weekend at Aguluzigbo, Anaocha local government area of Anambra State during his appointment as the Chancellor of Tansian University, Umunya, a faith- based university.

According to him, the 10th national assembly would make government to understand that education is key to the development of any nation.

He said that although the private universities are doing a lot to improve the quality of education, the problem lies with affordability, noting that many young people do not have access to them due to poverty.

Umeh said: “It is common knowledge that in Nigeria today, we still have a lot to do to have functional and proper educational facilities for our children. The public schools owned by government had suffered so much because of disputes between the academic staff and government due to poor remuneration of the lecturers.

“Poor attention is paid to education through budget as the country is very far behind the globally recommended budgetary provision for education, which is necessary to meet the required standard.

“Any budget the government brings to the national assembly that does not make adequate provision for education will be resisted.

“If we give our children quality education, we would have laid a solid foundation for a bright future for our country.”

The Senator, whose educational foundation has about 300 undergraduate and postgraduate students, promised to carry his passion for education to the board of Tansian University.

He added: “I accepted to be the Chancellor because it is a call to service. For considering me a fit and proper person to be appointed the Chancellor of this great university, I feel so challenged as I know that the responsibility will go with a lot of dedication.

“I will strive to make Tansian University a worthy citadel of learning and it is, therefore, an honour and privilege to be part of a highly principled and God – fearing university.

“I will use my reach, contact and everything to help promote the ideals of this university.”

Handing over the appointment letter to Umeh, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Eugene Nwadialor, who was accompanied by the management of the institution, said the board did a thorough search and eventually found Senator Umeh.

“Looking at your pedigree, experience, commitment and doggedness to issues you believe in, the board decided that you should be appointed the Chancellor. “The message of the Visitor to the university, Peter Cardinal Okpalaeke, is that you should bring that experience to bear in the affairs of the university.

“Before now, Okpalaeke was the chairman of the board, the visitor and Chancellor, just to make sure that we survive. Recently, the board thought it wise that under the separation of functions, the post of Chancellor should be given to a worthy son of the soil,” the Vice Chancellor said.

He recalled that Umeh had been part of the university, having been one of the first honorary doctorate degree awardees of Tansian University.

Tansian University was founded in 2009 by the late Professor Johnbosco Akam, a Reverend Monsignor in the Catholic Church.

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