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Shehu Shagari Education College to be Upgraded to University of Education- Tambuwal

As the Shehu Sagari Education College marks its 50 years of existence on Monday, Sokoto govt. reveals plans to upgrade it to a University of Education.

Thus by this, the college becomes the first of its kind to be upgraded to the level of a university in Northern Nigeria.

Governor Aminu Tambuwal disclosed this at the Golden Jubilee celebration and 22nd convocation of the college.

The Governor said, “The decision to upgrade the institution is premised on the enviable track record it has established in the past half a century. Its uncommon and trademark foresight, vision, creativity and leadership acumen historically associated with our forefathers for over two centuries.

“In addition, the college is one of the high-ranking teachers training institutions. And among the largest producers of teachers in Nigeria.

“In furtherance of its upgrading, approval has been given for the construction of two-storey students’ hostels, capable of accommodating over 400 students, to address the challenges of accommodation.

“While I am happy for the progress recorded by the college over the past 50 years, I urge the leadership of this glorious institution at all levels to be more prepared to position the college for greater achievements in the 50 years ahead.”

Tambuwal informed that his administration had embarked on extensive rehabilitation, reconstruction and building of hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the state. He added that, it will give more premium to the needs of its tertiary education sector

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