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Student emerges winner in initiative competition

Faith Nkemakolam, a student of Lireni Schools, Lagos, has emerged as the best student in the Efiko Initiative competition.
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Faith Nkemakolam, a student of Lireni Schools, Lagos, has emerged as the best student in the Efiko Initiative competition.

Faith was awarded a scholarship worth N200,000, a computer set for her school, and was honored as the Efiko of Badagry during the inaugural scholarship presentation ceremony in Badagry, Lagos.

The Efiko Initiative, an educational foundation in Nigeria, aims to recognize academic achievements and advance education. Founded by marketing strategist and business developer Temiloluwa Solomon, the initiative grants scholarships to exceptional students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Eligibility for the scholarship involves taking tests in English Language, Mathematics, and General Knowledge, with rewards given to top-performing students from different schools.

Oluwatosin Oyesomi of VictoryRock Schools, Lagos, won a scholarship prize of N100,000.

The third position, Princewell Nwokoye of His Grace Schools, Lagos, bagged a scholarship prize of N50,000.

Four other outstanding students won for themselves a one-year scholarship in their various schools while six more got consolation prizes.

Speaking at the scholarship presentation ceremony, Solomon said that it was the first in a series of events aimed at nipping the decline of academic excellence in the country and promoting the culture of meritocracy.

He urged the winners to take academic excellence more seriously, saying it was rewarding to prioritise education.
“The goal of the Efiko Initiative is to rev up the quest for knowledge among young Nigerian students while proving to them that academic excellence is still very rewarding.
As the recipient of several scholarships from my primary school level to my secondary school level, I understand how far gestures like this can go in shaping the future of the younger generation,” he said.

Solomon further noted that in the weeks to come, the Efiko Initiative would expand its reach by taking the competition to other vicinities and also organise online quizzes that allow young students to learn, have fun, and get rewarded while at it.

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